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Engineered To Make You More Money

That is the bottom line, isn't it?

Whether you are automating a brand new plant with new concrete batching controls and software, retrofitting an older plant or upgrading your old concrete batch controller, we have an automation solution for you. We are happy to work with you and interface to existing relay racks (50-pin industry standard), digital weight indicators (RS232 streaming), and manual panels. Some upgrades cost less than $10K and a complete system including Concrete Rhino™ software, server PC, controlCore™ embedded controller, I/O Panel with switches, 24" monitor and printer are less than $15K. Take a look at the following list of money saving features that come standard on the Rhino™ ABS that are certain to increase your rate of production.

All Concrete Rhino™ Automated Batching Systems (ABS) include the following features:

  • Graphical Batching Screen
  • Virtual Manual Panel
  • Graphical Truck Pool and Load Stack
  • Customizable Load Tickets
  • State Specific Certificate of Compliance
  • Automatic Low Inventory Text Messages and/or Emails*
  • Automatic Production Report Emails*
  • Multiple User Enabled
  • Integrated Doppler Radar and External Temperature Software Input*
  • Integrated Driving Directions, Travel Distance & To Job Time*
  • One-Click Send Directions to Driver^
  • Production, Truck, Driver, Mix Design Reports
  • Unlimited Mix Designs, Products, Customers, Orders, Loads, Trucks, Drivers, etc.
  • More product details.

The following low-cost options are also available:
  • SMS Truck Status Updates*^
  • Precast or Block Continuous Mode with Mixer Controls
  • Site/Yard WiFi Option (Required for ++ options)
  • Wireless Slump Meter Interface++
  • Wireless In-Loader Aggregate Bin Filling Interface++
  • Wireless Driver Water Slump Adjust Interface++
  • Remote Administration*
  • Centralized Remote Job Entry & Dispatch*
  • Weighed Water (3 Scale Interface)
  • Decummulative (Loss-in-Weight) Aggregates
  • Moisture Probe Interface
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Dual or Triple LCD Display HMI's
  • Integrated Customer Caller ID Pop-up and Order Entry
  • Platinum Service Contract (Includes software upgrades, daily database backups and production exports.*)

*Requires high-speed internet access to the server PC (batch computer).
^Requires driver with SMS/Text message capable phone.
++Requires 'Site/Yard WiFi' Option.