Automation Logic, LLC

Automation Logic was founded in 2009 to develop hardware & software components for industrial automation and control. This partnership resulted in our:

ControlCore™ Smart I/O embedded computer -The industry's first embedded computer with concrete batching functions native in its firmware. Once a command (to weigh 5000 lbs of rock, for example) is sent to the ControlCore's real time operating system (RTOS), it acts autonomously to complete the task, regardless of how loaded down the PC's CPU or network may be.

ControlBatch™ batching engine - ControlBatch is the "middle-man" between the ControlCore and ControlClient and manages all the batching functions, interlocks and progression of multi-batch loads.

Christopher Kranich

ControlClient™ GUI - the concrete industry's first browser-based user interface! ControlClient runs on a customized Linux server and communicates with the Web Server on one end and the user's browser software (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) running on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone on the other end.

Together, this suite of software along with the I/O enclosure, Server PC and option manual panel, comprises our Concrete Rhino™ Automated Batching System. The benefits of this modular Client/Server architecture and browser-based GUI are so numerous, the Concrete Rhino has set a new standard for productivity/cost ratio.

After years of development & testing, Concrete Rhino Automated Batching Systems were installed in 2012. Both the decumulative (loss-in-weight) and accumulative weighing version were deployed with great success. Although we don't yet have every option/feature available on some high-end systems, we are adding features as needed. Best yet, we are a small agile company poised to listen and repond to our customers' needs. Want a special feature? Have a special piece of hardware? Our engineers will make it work.

Christopher Kranich

Christopher J. Kranich

Chris co-founded Automation Logic in 2009 on the belief that a small company with a few good engineers, specific industry experience and ultra-low overhead, could provide customers the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. His vision of a super-efficient business model where there are zero layers of management between the engineers and the customer was finally realized.

Chris has over a decade of experience in the concrete batching controller industry, so it is no surprise the first application for our Control Suite product is an automated concrete batch controller for the ready-mix and pre-cast/block industries. He has been polishing the Concrete Rhino software, adding features and developing a few new exciting products he hopes to be able to talk about soon!

Previously, Chris spent 2-1/2 years working in research & development for a military contractor on wireless 1st responder tracking and wireless asset management systems. For nearly 11 years, Chris was also a senior software engineer with a Rice Lake, Wisconsin based manufacturer & distributor of weight-related process-control equipment, where he was the principal software engineer developing concrete batching systems.

Chris has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.