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Rhino™ Automatic Batching System for Ready Mix Concrete Producers

After nearly 4 years of development and testing, we proudly introduce the Rhino™ Automatic Batching Stytem (Rhino ABS) for ready-mix and precast/block concrete producers. From the beginning, our goal was to produce a viable batching alternative that would help small to medium sized concrete producers be more efficient and more profitable than their larger competitors.

Rhino™ ABS Technical Specifications and Features:

  • 1 Aggregate, 1 Cement scale input (RS232), Water scale input optional.
  • 48 or 72 I/O versions (expandable to 144 I/O).
  • Conveyor, aeration, vibration, and boot controls.
  • Bottle or direct feed admixtures, added with front or tail water.
  • 200 Gigabyte database (Unlimited mixes, products, customers, jobs, loads, etc...).
  • Load ticket (customizable to your forms).
  • State Specific Certificate of Compliance.
  • Inventory control with low inventory text messages/emails.
  • Material on-hand and usage reports by day/week/month/year/all-time.
  • Advanced freefall and jog learning algorithm.
  • Adjustable discharge rate and stored truck charging rates.
  • Split batching for small plants.
  • Job entry form with integrated maps, directions, miles, travel time. Clone job feature.
  • Dynamic search and auto-complete when looking up customers, mix designs, products, etc.
  • Production, customer truck, driver, mix design reports.
  • Manual panels also available.

How It Works

Behind the scenes, our design is much different than any other batcher. However, these details are transparent to the user. Most of the Rhino software suite is started automatically when the server PC is started, but the GUI software is launched, like most programs, with only a click of a desktop icon. The Rhino™ ABS software is a server application that runs on a server PC provided as part of the system. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is rendered in a compliant web browser like Chrome or Firefox. The server PC is often the computer used as the user interface, but any other computers on the Local Area Network (LAN) with a web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox (we don't recommend IE), regardless of their operating system, can be used as the GUI for the batchman, Job Entry or Administration and/or Reports, without any software installation.